Foam Cannon Car Wash Gun - Snow Foam Lance for Pressure Washer - Brass Threaded Bottle (Lifetime Warranty)

Foam Cannon Car Wash Gun - Snow Foam Lance for Pressure Washer - Brass Threaded Bottle (Lifetime Warranty)

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SudMagic Foam Cannon Benefits:

  • Brass threaded bottle with lifetime warranty will not strip out, unlike plastic alternatives
  • 1.1mm and 1.25mm orifice included, which allows for optimal performance for both electric and gas pressure washers
  • Stainless steel filter resists rust and corrosion, ensuring thick foam is created for many washes to come
  • Touchless application of foam lifts dirt from paint and lubricates surface before scrubbing
  • Reduces wash time
  • Durable, long lasting brass components
  • Industry leading thread sealants ensure leak free performance

The SudMagic foam cannon is the perfect foaming lance for blanketing your vehicle in thick foam suds. Using an innovative, brass threaded HDPE bottle, the SudMagic foam cannon was built to be the most durable, best performing foam cannon on the market.

Other foam cannons have plastic threaded bottles that screw into brass. A metal to plastic connection causes the threads of the bottle to strip out quickly, rending the foam cannon useless. Our brass threaded bottle will not strip.

Our foam cannon comes with a 1.1mm orifice installed and includes a 1.25mm orifice in the box. Having both size orifices will allow users to achieve optimal performance regardless of whether using a electric or gas pressure washer.

The industrial strength HDPE bottle has measuring marks on the side of the bottle to make adding the perfect amount of soap or chemicals fast and simple.

The SudMagic foam cannon is also adjustable. The nozzle in the front allows the user to adjust the vertical height of the foam spray. The knob on top allows you to adjust the water to soap ratio, which enables you to increase or decrease the thickness of the foam spray.

The foam cannon comes with a ¼” male quick connector and is designed to be used with pressure washers that do not exceed 3200 PSI and/or 5.3 GPM.

In addition to washing and detailing cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, motorhomes, and ATVs, the SudMagic foam cannon can also be used for cleaning siding on houses or other chores around the yard.

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